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Have you given any thought to hosting an Adult Halloween Party this year? What will you serve to your guests? How will you decorate? Your kids shouldn’t be the only ones who get to have fun on Halloween—the groan ups deserve some festive fun too!


Halloween brings to mind all things creepy and crawly. A great way to decorate any surface for a Halloween party is to get spider webbing and stretch it across tables, chairs, walls, and stairs–anywhere you can think of, really! You can even get little plastic spiders to stick in the webs, to make it appear as though they’re crawling around your house and up the walls. Not all of your decorations need to be spooky; you can get fabric leaves from the craft store and write the names of all the dishes you’ll be serving on them with fabric markers to use them as festive labels. Playing off the season in general, you can also use other flowers/plants (real or fake!) as decoration throughout your party. Last, but certainly not least, carved pumpkins are fabulous for any type of fall gathering!


A big, plastic cauldron is a perfect, inexpensive place to store beer and soda, and you can repurpose old (clean!) wine bottles by filling them with your own cocktail concoction and giving it a festive name with a decorative, handcrafted label. For a spooky spin on an old time party favorite, instead of making pigs in blankets, wrap hotdogs with puff pastry to make them look like mummies, leaving a small bit toward one end bare for the face so that you can put two little dots of mustard or ketchup for eyes. Another quick and easy Halloween snack is a bowl of carrot fingers: peel and cut carrots so that they’re the approximate length of human fingers, then slice the tips off at an angle. Dip the sliced end into the vegetable dip so that there’s just enough dip on the carrot to hold a sliced almond in place. Stick the opposite end of the “fingers” into the bowl of dip for an eerie-looking treat!

For more Adult Halloween Party fun, check the items we’ve posted on our page for books on Adult Halloween Party ideas, and some food and decoration items too!

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