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Halloween is one of those holidays that some people go all out for when they decorate. You can drive around your neighborhood and spend an entire evening checking out how crazy your neighbors went into decorating their homes. While these kinds of houses are really awesome to look at, it is both incredibly time consuming and expensive to decorate your home in such an elaborate fashion. Many of us work long, hard hours, and the last thing we want to do when we get home is climb a ladder to hang cobwebs from the trees in our front yards–aren’t you usually supposed to climb a ladder to REMOVE cobwebs from places?!

If you’re looking for an inexpensive, quick way to spruce up your house a bit this Halloween, we have a great solution for you: window clings! They’re fun, easy, and festive. Many of the clings we’ve selected take up entire windows, so you cover a decent amount of space with very little effort. Check out the Halloween window clings below to meet your Halloween decorating needs!

Black Widow Window Cling

Green Demon Window Cling

Ghoulies Zombie Window Cling

Menacing Mummy Window Cling

Bloody Hands Window Clings

Shady Spiders Window Clings

Cat-rageous the Beast Window Cling

Freddy Krueger Window Clings

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