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With Halloween approaching, have you thought about the kinds of spooky tricks you’ve been hiding up your sleeves this year? How about creating an eerie haunted house? Haunted houses are an all-time favorite among trick-or-treaters young and old, and aren’t too difficult to pull off, either! Here are some haunted house ideas to get you started!

The “Deluxe Halloween Bag of Skeleton Bones – Full 28 Piece Set – Perfect for a Halloween Graveyard or Haunted House” says it right in the name, and it’s a great starting point for building the components of your haunted house. Starting with a spread of spider webbing on a table top, or a piles of leaves on the ground, bury bits of these bones to have a creepy effect on your guests as they walk by the scattered remains.

In order to fully execute your Haunted House plans, you must start by planning the path of your haunted house. Whether it’s taking place in your garage, in your home, or in your yard, you need to map out the course to cover all your ground. Next, you’ll need to collect a cast of creepy characters to scare your guests along the way. They can dress up in costumes or just wear scary masks–whatever gets the job done. You can either plan out the things they’ll say or sounds they’ll make, or let your ghosts and ghouls wing it. Lastly, you should come up with a theme for your haunted house; give it a background story to really set the scene. Is this the home of a family that was brutally murdered, who is now haunting present-day inhabitants? Or is it an abandoned insane asylum? Whatever the theme, you can definitely work the “Deluxe Halloween Bag of Skeleton Bones” into your story for an authentic-looking gruesome touch.

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