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PlayStation 4 (PS4): Standard Edition

The next generation of gaming is upon us! Recently, at Gamescom 2013, Sony officially announced the release date for the PlayStation 4 gaming console. Gamers may rejoice, as its release is only a few short months away. November 15th the new gaming machine will be released in North America followed by a European release just two weeks later. The console will be priced out less than its competitor, the Xbox one, by a $100 dollars. MSRP for PlayStation 4 will be $399 and will be sporting over 30 titles by the end of 2013.

Number of Units

Although consumer response to the PlayStation 4 release date has been positive, there is one thing that may pose to be a problem – The Xbox One may have two to three times more launch units than the PlayStation 4 this holiday. The news comes courteously by way of a Robert W. Baird analyst, Colin Sebastian. His point of view is that this unit comparison will give Microsoft an early advantage, but that this will only be in the initial launch window period. Microsoft’s showing at E3 was negative in comparison to Sony’s, but they have responded appropriately by offering a free digital copy of FIFA 14 with all European models, removing the requirement of always being connected, and making the Kinect optional. So what’s your opinion? Will you be taking a leap into the next era of gaming? If so, which console do you plan to buy? With the price of gaming relatively high, it’s a difficult decision to make. Regardless of your decision, keep in mind that both units are available to pre-order here on Holiday Supply Spot. Don’t get stuck this holiday season scrambling for the right gift, pre-order now and rest easy.

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