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The release of the iPhone 5S showed the same imbalance of supply and demand as we’ve come to expect with all new Apple products. In Manhattan, people lined up for 20+ hours outside Apple’s flagship store on Fifth Avenue in anticipation for the new device. Unlike in the past, when consumers could pre-order the new iPhone models, Apple announced that there would be no opportunity to pre-order the phone, and online sales began at the same time as in-store sales: 8am local time worldwide.

The rush of people eager to buy the new iPhone 5S wiped out in-store supplies quickly, and manufacturers are on backorder with some ship dates as late as November. While this is discouraging for those who have yet to get their hands on a shiny new iPhone, we’re here to remind you that it’s still important to get your order in ASAP, to avoid having to wait even longer! We’ve compiled your one-click access to all of the new iPhone 5S options for Verizon users, so hurry up and place your order today!



16GB in Gold

32GB in Gold

64GB in Gold



16GB in Silver

32GB in Silver

64GB in Silver



16GB in Space Gray

32GB in Space Gray

64GB in Space Gray


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